GFAS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Global Financial Aid Services has taken steps to ensure our employees are safe and still able to provide our clients with the level of service they have come to expect from us. We have transitioned as many staff members as possible to work remotely, so those that are reporting to work can do so while following all social distancing guidelines. Global also continues to provide all employees with information from the CDC on recommended measures to keep them and their family safe.

Our clients have been able to navigate these unprecedented times with minimal interruptions using our online solutions SAINT Student and GLOBAL Core. SAINT Student offers a secure, school-branded portal that enables students and their parents to conveniently submit financial aid applications online, upload document, track communications, and follow the progress of their FA applications from beginning to end. GLOBAL Core, our technology-driven online verification and C-Flag solution, eliminates the lengthy and labor-intensive process of manually collecting, reviewing, correcting, scanning and managing endless paper forms.

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