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Financial Aid Processing is Global's “Full Scope Financial Aid Administration Offering”. This solution includes award packaging, document collection and compliance review, disbursement logs, directing the flow of federal funds, account reconciliation, and exit processing.

When this system is combined with our SAINT Student online processing solution it becomes a powerful tool for your financial aid office. Through our online solution, students self-package, complete entrance counseling; the eMPN, and submit electronic files directly to Global for a compliance review and generation of a custom award letter.

Our systems integrate with the college or university's student information system to ensure student account accuracy at all times. Global's Financial Aid Processing Solution is a strategic choice for many colleges across the country.

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  • Securely Hosted School Branded Student Packaging and Document Collection Portal
  • Student and Parent Friendly Design
  • 24/7 System Availability
  • 100% Compliance File Review for all Title IV Students
  • Daily Title IV Disbursements
  • Reconciliation of COD, Disbursements, and Student Accounts
  • Dedicated Global support staff for your team
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  • Significantly speeds up application-to-award turnaround times
  • Improved student/parent experience
  • Mobile funcitionality for greater student convenience
  • Fewer in-office lines, phone calls and voicemails
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Frees up FA Staff for counseling students
  • Streamlines FA Processing, Increases Efficiency
  • Improves Title IV Cash Flow
  • Regulatory Compliance Guarantees, Errors & Omissions Insurance