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GlobalCORE – Automated Verification Solution

Paperless Document Collection + File Review

Automated verification and c-code software, paperless document collection, and file review services

Imagine the ability to reach thousands of students and applicants, collect specific required documents from them electronically, and make sure every single file is verified within just a few days. By deploying the GlobalCORE system you can accomplish all of this with a few clicks of the mouse. Global’s expertise and dedication to high-quality service means our clients know they are getting the best possible solution.

GlobalCORE Features and Highlights

  • College-branded and secure online portal
  • Online 'smart' forms tailored to each student
  • Paperless document collection
  • Intuitive administrative software and digital dashboard
  • No software license or maintenance costs
  • Solution deployment in 30-60 days
  • Automated updates to any Student Information System

The Basics

Global has reengineered the financial aid process to provide student self service, improve processing speed, reduce student errors and go 100% paperless. Here's how it works.

Global profiles GlobalCORE with the college or university's brand to ensure a consistent student experience. The college or university provides Global with ISIRs that are selected for verification and/or have a c-code. Students are directed to a branded GlobalCORE portal via e-mail. The student verifies her identity then GlobalCORE guides the student through the verification process or specific c-codes that the student had on their ISIR. We utilize a tailored set of 'smart' forms for each c-code and allow students to upload supporting documentation (e.g., tax transcripts, proof of citizenship) which eliminates all paper. Students can scan documents from home, work, a campus scanner, or even upload a photo of the documents they took with their phone camera.

Once a student has submitted their documentation, Global will conduct a full compliance file review using proprietary compliance software and our team of file review specialists. File status and additional actions for the student are communicated via email and custom messages in the portal.

When compliance file review is completed Global sends an electronic update back to the college's student information system and the student, letting both parties know that the file is complete.

College staff has access to student status, images, reports and notifications that were sent to the student via easy-to-use administrative software.

When is it right for you?

With over 50 campuses across the country using GlobalCORE, this is a great fit for colleges and universities that want to do more than just add people to improve the time it takes to verify students.It is a powerful front office financial aid tool that facilitates better student service by decreasing the time financial aid staff spend doing administrative tasks and increasing time spent counseling students.

Join your peers and leverage our technology, file review expertise and best practice models to improve efficiency.

  • Dallas County Community College District
  • Lone Star College System
  • Collin College
  • University of New Orleans
  • Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana
  • South Plains College
  • Delgado Community College

All of these institutions have seen improvements to student service and lower costs by leveraging our technology, file review expertise and best practice models for efficiency.

GlobalCORE is a great fit for:

  • Community Colleges, 4-Year State supported Institutions or multi-campus system environments where a more automated system is critical due to budget constraints.
  • Colleges that want to reduce costs and improve service by improving processing efficiency
  • Colleges that have online or 'destination' students that are campus based but not local to the institution
  • Colleges overburdened by the verification process resulting in longer than desired cycle times
  • Institutions that have students that expect online processes, 24/7 access and rapid turnaround

Manage Your Starts and Students

GlobalCORE reports enable you to better manage your student pipeline. All reports are accessible by Admissions, Financial Aid, and other predetermined staff — it is up to you. Colleges can see the number of students in the process and what stage they are currently in. With this knowledge you can initiate customized outbound call or e-mail programs to maximize enrollment. Additionally, when students call, your team can see what stage they are in, the images of the document they submitted, what they must complete, and what notifications they received.

To learn how GlobalCORE can help your institution, contact us today.

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GlobalCORE – Automated Verification Solution
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Global provides exemplary customer service by ensuring Delgado receives a response to any question within 24 hours; they value us and treat us like family, not just a customer. The level of accuracy and commitment to excellence that is exhibited is why we truly love working with such a great organization.

Rhonda King College Wide Director of Financial Aid, Delgado Community College

We are changing many facets of our organization to better serve students. By leveraging Global’s technology and focus on financial aid file review we have been able to increase the amount of time our counselors can spend with students.