Since 1996 Global has focused exclusively on an efficient and customer-focused model for financial aid processing. Since inception we have managed 5 million student files, maintained full compliance with federal regulations, and improved the financial aid operation of institutions from all segments of higher education.

Global's owners and principal leaders come from a higher education background and always focus on a client's needs first. At Global we recognize the expectations of students, the needs of college leadership, the demands of the current economic environment and the long-term advantage of low-cost, best-practice models for administrative processes.


Our clients choose us because of our commitment to valued services. Our clients focus on their core strengths: curriculum, faculty, access and education. They can do this because we deliver high quality file review and back office services, strategic consulting recommendations, and intuitive technology solutions.

Global's solutions work for institutions of all types and sizes. From single-campus technical colleges to multi campus community college districts, to university systems and online universities we have tailored solutions to fit the unique environments, challenges and strategic goals of our clients.


Global understands the critical need for the United States to produce more college graduates to achieve economic prosperity. Higher education institutions will remain a national priority. Moving forward students will rely on financial aid to finance their college education more than ever, and institutions will be expected to meet demand while keeping administrative costs and tuition low.

This growing need for federal financial aid and increase in regulations will continue to place strain on the administrative resources at your institution. Global can help streamline processes and reduce administrative costs and seasonal hiring needs. We will remain committed to excellence in customer service and administrative efficiency.