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Our company’s goal is to deliver value to our clients, and we design solutions to meet their needs. We pride ourselves on long-standing partnerships with clients built through daily focus on their needs and through commitment
to the efficient processing of federal financial aid.

- Jimmy Addison President & CEO Global Financial Aid Services
SAINT Director
SAINT Student
Full Scope Service Solution

When a college or university is looking for expertise and sophistication in their operation or their students' expectations for fast, accurate financial aid awards exceed the resources and expertise in the financial aid office it is time to reach for Global's best-practice experience.

We are a strategic choice. Global's back office services offer proven returns in the form of reduced costs, increased enrollment, improved student service, administrative accountability and rock-solid compliance.

Global offers a customized application and award packaging process including a college-branded web-based application portal. Full scope administrative processes are handled by our experienced staff, and our disbursement system integrates with the student information system used by the college or university. Easy to use administrative software and a robust, customizable reports dashboard give administrators meaningful data about the operation.


Empower your financial aid team with a simple solution that helps alleviate workload and provides staff with continuous support for financial aid operations. GLOBAL Remote Processing lets us work in your current Student Information System to process a range of financial aid functions for you, from packaging and awarding aid to Return to Title IV, Title IV accounting and more. GLOBAL Remote Processing is an easy solution with many options, designed to provide the services your team wants help with most.

When you use Remote Processing, you’ll have more time to spend with students, so you can focus on exceptional student service.

Paperless Document Collection + File Review or SaaS

Simplify the Verification and C-Flag process with paperless document collection through GLOBAL Core's college-branded student portal, customizable communication system, online 'smart' forms and optional compliance review by Global's full time, fully trained file review specialists.

GLOBAL Core fits in any environment and on any budget. It is the low-cost answer for colleges and universities struggling to keep pace with student expectations for technology and shortened turnaround time on file review. GLOBAL Core is designed for institutions who want to keep the focus of their staff on value-added activities like student counseling and outreach instead of document collection and federally standard file review. Inclusive data analytic and predictive modeling systems multiply the benefit of implementing this system.

GLOBAL Core has proven to be a great enhancement for colleges who just need a way to eliminate delays to verification or collect documentation online. It’s easy to use admin system and simple design also make it a great solution to use in conjunction with your own shared service center or a 3rd party call center that provides inbound support for financial aid questions from students and parents.

Net Price Calculator

One of the best ways to increase recruitment performance is to give students more information about financial aid early in the process. Our Net Price Calculator, GLOBAL Calculator, gives prospective students a simple, accurate and accessible measure of expected aid and educational costs at your institution at a critical, early evaluation stage.

GLOBAL Calculator offers more robust capabilities than your typical NPC which gives you the edge in student recruitment. This solution satisfies Federal requirements while also giving you the ability to present an estimated award based on your unique programs while also capturing prospective student data for follow up. Calculator is low cost, easy to deploy and Global handles site maintenance.


Global is the most experienced financial aid firm in the country which makes us uniquely qualified to review processes and provide recommendations as we manage day-to-day financial aid ourselves for a variety of institutions. Colleges look to us for best practice recommendations, and to learn what their peers have implemented to improve student service, maintain compliance, and grow enrollment in the most efficient manner.

Global is a proponent of people, process and technology solutions that encompass the full breadth and depth of complex financial aid institutions. We believe in improving student service, creating paperless processes, utilizing shared services and creating operational efficiencies which will allow college staff to spend a greater percentage of their time counseling students, and working on value added activities.