Together with dedicated partners, we bring colleges and universities the very best solutions in financial aid processing and administration. Our partnerships with industry leaders make the management of financial aid fast, flexible and comprehensive.

Collegiate Admission & Retention Solutions

Over a decade ago, CARS founder Ken Horne identified a need that colleges weren’t able to fill on their own – to have access to a scalable, cost-effective and (in some cases temporary) call center to handle peak inbound volume and outbound campaigns. From there, Collegiate Admission & Retention Solutions was born. Founded by a college president CARS understands the challenges you face and focuses on improving outcomes by providing structured, systemic and proactive services that strengthen your existing student service efforts. CARS handles the heavy lifting and repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to focus on serving students. A set of core competencies leverages people processes and technology to improve student outcomes and enhance administrative efficiency. Having a partnership like this just makes sense! Please visit for information.


Campus Labs, Campus Management and iModules have joined together to form Anthology. Anthology exists to help higher education advance and thrive. Through a connected data experience that offers a holistic view, creates efficiencies and provides intelligence, Anthology inspires constituents to reach their full potential using technology insights in admission and enrollment management; student success and retention; institutional and learning effectiveness; alumni and advancement; and enterprise applications and infrastructure. Anthology partners with more than 2,100 colleges and institutions in over 30 countries to address the needs of all constituents in higher education. Visit Anthology at

Campus Cloud Services

Campus Cloud Services is a cloud-based Student Information System. Functionality includes Recruitment, Admissions, Financial Aid Integration, Student Billing, Advising, Registration, Records, Degree Planning, Placement and a student portal. It is affordable and completely cloud based. Campus Cloud Services provides the technical backbone and infrastructure, releasing your valuable IT resources to support other initiatives. The system can run on any device, PC, tablet or smartphone from any location as long as you have an internet connection. The system was designed for the cloud and requires no software locally except for a web browser, thereby reducing your overall software costs.


If you’re seeking a proven SIS that runs on the cloud, Orbund delivers a dynamic system that can streamline student services. Founded in 2003, Orbund is an innovative SIS provider that has served more than 400 postsecondary institutions and online programs. Its fully featured systems will automate operations so you can manage everything in one place, with paperless administration, automated alerts and reports. Orbund has full two-way integration with Global Financial Aid Services through an API where student progresses are automatically reported to Global and Awards and Disbursements are automatically posted in the Orbund SIS


VIAS CMS provides school owners and administrators with comprehensive data so you can focus on student success and moving the organization forward. In one, integrated, cloud-based solution, you can manage the entire lifecycle of a student, including Marketing, Admissions, Financial Aid support, Student Services, Academics, Billing, and Career Services. For information, please visit


Global’s powerful integration capabilities enable us to work with many existing Student Information Systems. Standardized data elements and file formats, coupled with secure transmission processes, ensure Global is always in sync with your SIS. Our solutions successfully integrate with Colleague, Banner, PeopleSoft and many others. Please contact our Solutions team at to ask about SIS possibilities. We’re ready to connect when you are!