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GLOBAL Remote Processing is a standalone option that lets Global’s experts work in your system, packaging and awarding aid, providing Title IV accounting and reconciliation, and offering many other customized options. With GLOBAL Remote Processing, you can be certain your systems are optimized and your financial aid team has the support they need. And best of all, your financial aid team will have more time and the resources to provide exceptional student service. Our service partnership simplifies time-consuming processes and lets you choose the full or partial services you need.

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  • Package and award aid
  • Confirmation or revision of awards
  • Title IV accounting, reporting and reconciliation, including reject work
  • Return to Title IV and exit counseling
  • C-Flag and verification resolution
  • Update budget calculations and make COD adjustments
Product Benefits Icon
  • Customize a range of services, from packaging and awarding to Return to Title IV
  • Support your current team if you’ve been affected by staffing shortages
  • Simplify time-consuming processes
  • Save time, improve efficiency and alleviate workload
  • Free up time for student service and counseling
  • Gain a strategic operating partner with experience working in an array of Student Information Systems