Global profiles GLOBAL Core with the college or university's brand to ensure a consistent student experience. The college or university provides Global with ISIRs that are selected for verification and/or have a C-Flag. Students are directed to a secure college-branded GLOBAL Core portal via e-mail. The student verifies her identity then GLOBAL Core guides the student through the verification process or specific C-Flags that the student had on their ISIR. We utilize a tailored set of 'smart' forms and allow students to upload supporting documentation (e.g., tax transcripts, proof of citizenship) which eliminates all paper. Students can scan documents from home, work, a campus scanner, or even upload a photo of the documents they took with their smart phone.

Once a student has submitted their documentation, Global will conduct a full compliance file review. File status and additional actions for the student are communicated via email and custom messages in the student portal.

When compliance file review is completed Global sends an electronic update back to the college's student information system and the student, letting both parties know that the file is complete.

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  • Paperless Process which reduces staff time spent collecting, evaluating, and scanning documents from your students.
  • Increased Award Processing as on campus staff focus on award processing and not chasing students for documents and processing verification.
  • Fast and Accurate verification file review and C-Flag processing by Global's highly trained team of Compliance Specialists.
  • Smart Logic that that moves students through the process and qualifies which verification documents your student and/or parent (if applicable) must submit.
  • SIS Integration so the results of verification and C-Flag reviews are communicated into the school's system.
  • Live Chat for your staff to ask our team questions and provide real-time support.
  • Electronic Signature with Secure Student Authentication via 2FA and optional Single Sign On via SAML or CAS.
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  • Online Secure Portal with eSignature and 24/7/365 access so students are not forced to make an appointment to complete their verification.
  • Mobile Responsive so students can use their smartphones to submit required documents or complete electronic documents.
  • Automated Outreach to students/parents with e-mail and text to guide students through the verification and C-Flag process.
  • Smart Forms which auto-populate student information as well as guided forms to eliminate the need for incorrect submissions.
  • 4506-T option automatically retrieves electronic tax data from the IRS within 72 hours.
  • Clear Milestones to show students where they are in the process and communicate next steps.
  • Live Chat option to allow your students/parents to ask questions as they are completing their forms.
  • Simple Process for Dependent Students as parents can complete the process online.
We have approximately 53,000 students, and outsourcing verification has allowed our staff to focus on serving the students as a whole instead of spending a lot of time processing paperwork. We use the GLOBAL Core solution to collect documents and verification information from students and parents without having to call students in to the financial aid office. Students can submit documents on their mobile phones which has made verification a much more student friendly process. Our staff can now focus on the important job of advising students instead of paperwork and file review. Global Financial Aid Services has the best customer service imaginable and we could not ask for a better partner to handle the verification process. Melisa Cotton, Collin College
Our Program Review with the Department of Education was in March. The reviewers told me in our Exit Interview that the verification files they reviewed were absolutely perfect. They even went so far to say that our third-party servicer is apparently worth every penny we pay them! Going into the review, I had plenty of things to worry about, but I never worried about the verification part of the files and the reviewers’ responses proved me right. Your attention to detail and always following regulations is so important, and this review proved it. Susan Nazworth, CFAA South Plains College
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