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Financial Aid Processing is Global's “Full Scope Financial Aid Administration Offering”. This solution includes award packaging, document collection and compliance review, disbursement logs, directing the flow of federal funds, account reconciliation, and exit processing.

When this system is combined with our SAINT Student online processing solution it becomes a powerful tool for your financial aid office. Through our online solution, students self-package, complete entrance counseling; the eMPN, and submit electronic files directly to Global for a compliance review and generation of a custom award letter.

Our systems integrate with the college or university's student information system to ensure student account accuracy at all times. Global's Financial Aid Processing Solution is a strategic choice for many colleges across the country.

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  • Securely Hosted School Branded Student Packaging and Document Collection Portal
  • Student and Parent Friendly Design
  • 24/7 System Availability
  • 100% Compliance File Review for all Title IV Students
  • Daily Title IV Disbursements
  • Reconciliation of COD, Disbursements, Notification of Disbursement, Right to Cancel and Student Accounts
  • Dedicated Global support staff for your team
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  • Significantly speeds up application-to-award turnaround times
  • Improved student/parent experience
  • Mobile functionality for greater student convenience
  • Fewer in-office lines, phone calls and voicemails
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Frees up FA Staff for counseling students
  • Streamlines FA Processing, Increases Efficiency
  • Improves Title IV Cash Flow
  • Regulatory Compliance Guarantees, Errors & Omissions Insurance
I have worked with Global and its founders since the inception of this outstanding financial aid services provider. Global has been basically our financial aid department over the years.  They perform not just basic financial aid administration but compliance at a level that leaves me confident that we are always 100% compliant. Global’ s team is effective and efficient and most of all I trust them. Other than their noteworthy level of Title IV complexities, their reporting is excellent and allows me to monitor performance through concise dashboards. I highly recommend Global Financial Aid Services and am happy to discuss them with any interested party.
- James D. (Jim) Hutton, PhD Chief Executive Officer Career Quest Learning Centers
It's user-friendly for the student. The onboarding process was immaculate. I thought that was a huge success. And it really has been a resource staffing-wise. If you don't have that depth in your back office, Global is really that bridge.
- Audra Hinton, Director of Enrollment Management, Shorter College
Having worked with Global, including onboarding them at multiple institutions, for well over a decade I can truly say my experience has been exceptional.   Most recently, in order to best serve our students in addition to creating greater access and efficiencies, we transitioned our fully online programs to the Saint Student financial aid software.  Their professional team walked us through the process step by step creating workflows customized around our operations with a focus on what is important to our students and institution.  The team’s continued follow up and training have gone above and beyond.  Global has a truly unique way of partnering!
- Jon McFry, Vice President, Compliance Martinsburg College 
Global’s platform for students and the institution streamlines the financial aid process. It allows for efficient delivery of financial aid to our students and recordkeeping for our school. I rest easier being confident that Global stands by the quality of their work. During the difficult times of the COVID-19 crisis, Global has continued to provide us uninterrupted and excellent customer service. I am happy to have this partnership with Global.
- Heyward Howell, Director of Student Financial Services Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
Global has increased productivity and allowed us to focus on students who need our attention instead of spending time on document review of clean files. We're thrilled with results from SAINT Student.
- Chris McCool, Vice President, Financial Aid Operations, Southern Careers Institute